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Ohio Educational Telecommunications Network

eTech Ohio, formerly Ohio Educational Telecommunications (OET) was formed "to foster the growth and development of public telecommunications in Ohio and to provide all Ohio citizens with access to the services provided by public stations."  Among the functions which eTech Ohio provides is a network which links Ohio's 12 educational television stations, 34 educational radio stations and 9 radio reading services into a statewide audio and video system.  eTech Ohio runs an operations and satellite center in Columbus and production facilities at the Ohio statehouse which feed programs to radio and TV stations on the network.  eTech Ohio also administers the file server running Ohio's Telephone Reader, which, in cooperation with Ohio's Radio Reading Services, allows print-impaired users to hear stories from local newspapers and other print publications over standard touch tone telephones.  Additionally, eTech Ohio administers state funds and grants to Ohio's public broadcasting stations and operating funds which help Ohio's Radio Reading Services. 
More information available on the eTech Ohio website at   http://www.etech.ohio.gov



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